Mammary Mountain is an intimate performative experience that delves into the suffering and treatment of Breast Cancer.

Through a combination of interactive VR art installation and creative methodologies, audiences will engage with emotionally moving stories of survivors, the actual treatments, and the often unspoken effects of the journey.

Audiences are led through emotionally moving stories of survivors, the actual treatments and the affects and effects of them, largely not spoken about; explored through the beautiful illustrations and music of Tara Baoth Mooney, alongside 3D and VR artistry of Maf’j Alvarez, embodied through a vibration garment, physical staging, interaction and narrative design by Camille Baker.

Mammary Mountain features a staged media artwork, set in a doctors office, where “patients” are fitted with a haptic jacket, sat in a special (mammary glands shaped) chair, and given a VR headset to put on to experience the work.

The aim is that the resulting VR artwork exposes this topic to the public in a new light. We aim to ignite new public engagement, which will ultimately result in increased cultural understanding of the experience.

In addition, we wish to create more empathy, as well as education on this extremely prevalant health concern, that is sadly the most common cancer (15%) for women and men alike.