“Is Mammary Mountain suitable for all ages?

The VR experience is recommended for visitors 14 years of age or older, since the headset is not suitable for younger people. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


“What should I wear to experience Mammary Mountain?”

For maximum experience of the vibration haptics, visitors are encouraged to wear a light T-shirt, which will fit under the costume and wearable garment.

On arrival, visitors will be asked to remove all jackets and outer clothing. These will be safely stored by our team, and returned to you after the experience is complete.


“How much movement is involved in the experience?”

There is no walking or free ambulatory movement in the Mammary Mountain experience. Visitors will be seated in bespoke chairs for the duration, which can swivel through 360° to allow panoramic views of the immersive VR space.

While seated, visitors may freely move their head to look around. Movement through the VR space is via eye tracking – no hand controls are required.


“Is Mammary Mountain a performance, an experience, or both?”

Visitors should be aware that there is a performative dimension to the Mammary Mountain experience. Artists will be dressed in stereotypical white medical attire, and will treat the visitor as a patient.

All participants will be asked to sign a consent form which will permit / allow / enable the artists to interact with them, before and during the experience. If you have any questions, please contact us in advance of your visit, or ask any team member on arrival.


“Where can I experience Mammary Mountain?”

Mammary Mountain is being hosted around the UK and beyond, at many festivals, exhibitions and physical gallery spaces. More dates are being finalised as we write. Please see dates & booking for our latest confirmed locations and dates.


“How do I book advance tickets to any of the Mammary Mountain exhibitions?”

Ticket purchase links become available on our dates & booking page as soon as event details are confirmed.

Ticketing is managed via Eventbrite. Simply follow the relevant booking link for your chosen date or location, then follow the instructions to book your tickets.

Walk-ins are possible if there are sessions available. However we recommend pre-booking if at all possible, to avoid long waiting times or eventual disappointment.


“Are you able to make accommodation for disabled visitors?”

Mammary Mountain is an immersive audio / visual installation which uses sight, sound and touch to convey the experience. Because of this, we regret that some visitors may not be able to fully participate, however we will do our best to accommodate individual needs on a person-by-person basis.

If you, or someone you care for has special requirements, please contact us in advance of your visit.