VR Design

Unity VR

The virtual reality experience in Mammary Mountain has been created in Unity by visual artist, UX designer and creative technologist Maf’j Alvarez.

She has taken natural objects and elements scanned from the Irish landscape, plus illustrations from Tara, and mixed them to produce a low-poly stylised aesthetic characteristic of her work.

To interact and move the story along, audiences will need to look at objects which will reveal themselves. Playing with control, Maf’j wanted audiences to experience having the illusion of choice. and in many ways the powerlessness that comes with undergoing cancer treatment.

A central motif that plays itself through the visual design of the experience is the Seaweed Tree, appearing at times in the water, other times on the land – always attached to a rock but often defying the laws of nature.  

PICO 4 Headset

Mammary Mountain uses the PICO 4 VR Headset to deliver the visual element of this fully-immersive experience.

Encompassing six degrees of freedom, PICO 4 tracks your translational and rotational movements in all directions (up / down, left / right, forward / backward, plus pitch, roll, and yaw). Your movements in the real world are captured and translated to what you see in the virtual world.