The Experience

The World Of Mammary Mountain

Audiences are invited to partake in bearing witness to the journey of the breast cancer experience, as narrated by survivors and patients.

Within the world of Mammary Mountain, participants navigate a space that straddles perceptions of dream-like and reality. Multiple treatments, their affects and effects on the mind and body are expanded through voices, each of which present their unique perspective.

A Fully-Immersive Experience

Mammary Mountain is crafted from multiple elements, forming a fully-immersive world.

These include the landscape of County Sligo in the North-West of Ireland, where Tara Baoth Mooney spent her time in recovery. The sounds of machines juxtaposed with the everyday sounds of her footsteps, the environs, the sea, birds and wildlife, her illustrations, the stylised 3D aesthetic created by Maf’j Alvarez for VR, the voices of other survivors collected and incorporated into the narrative design of Camille Baker.

This is embodied through a haptic garment co-designed by Sophie Skach and Mooney, which responds with vibrations that are triggered by the story elements. The electronic engineering is designed and realised by Paul Hayes. The chair has been designed by Leo Scarff and is created from felted recycled wool.

Experience Testing | Mammary Mountain

Extended-Reality Design

Mammary Mountain is also an Extended-Reality (XR) experience which features a performative introduction, the visitors as “patients”, plus relevant medical accessories worn by the artists & guides, adding to the overall environment.

At certain points during the VR experience, the visitors / patients will be interrupted by the artists / guides and asked questions that pertain to the current story.

Experience Testing | Mammary Mountain